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2021-12-06 20:55:24 By : Mr. Alex NBXIAER

Author: Scott Johnson, Thinker

My house was built in 1972. That was the fashionable era of shag carpets, lace and hot pot. The architectural trend of 1972 represented a complete lack of personality and craftsmanship and the contradiction of unnecessary showy accents. Our house is a very typical residence of that period-a split foyer filled with dark oak decorations and gorgeous brass doors, as well as the entire cabinet hardware. Another typical of that era is our boxed kitchen, dimly lit by a fluorescent lamp decorated with lovely pink roses.

We moved into this house in 2001-just after we got married. It is not perfect, but it is everything we can afford and everything we need at the time. This is great, but not great. But from the moment we moved in, we dreamed that we would make changes in the future. The wall will collapse. The cabinet was redone. Countertop replacement. One day, we have to reform. Under the filtered pink light of the most elegant plastic lamps in 1972, we continue to dream of our "one day" kitchen, with countless boxes of uninspired macaroni and cheese. Then we blinked, and 20 years have passed.

Finally, this spring, we heard the imaginary voice of putting the last penny into our savings account. No need to wait to see if/when cabinet hardware from the Nixon era is back in fashion! We fastened breeches and tool belts, and started the origin of our epic kitchen decoration. (Well, let's call the contractor.) Only a day after the project started, we walked in and found a void without carpet and walls, covered with a layer of construction dust. When we saw the pink rose lamp fixed to a pile of rubble in the trash can outside our house, reality really happened. There is no turning back.

The next few weeks will be very stressful as we try to continue our lives during the project. Every morning, all kinds of strangers come to take apart a new area of ​​our house, and then magically piece it together better than before. In chaos, we are always aware of the chaos needed to achieve our goals. We did our research. We calculated the numbers. We introduce this calculated risk into our lives. After the dust settled and the final light switch cover was tightened, our dream officially became a reality. With a new vision of our "open concept" living space, we can see the dirty dishes in our new sink, sitting on our orange and brown floral sofas (we don’t have the budget to buy new sofas.) And they are very dirty Beautiful dishes. This is our same kitchen, but it is also brand new. It prepares for the next 20 years of culinary adventure.

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