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Every week, there are usually a few teams that are not included in the running back review because there are not many new reports or analyses on them. Of course, I will inevitably receive a Twitter question saying that I forgot to mention the XX team, but I don’t mind! This is usually an opportunity to interact with new fans.

However, this week, I am going to give you the complete enchilada filling. All 32 teams. Why? Well, one reason is that I didn't write a column during the Thanksgiving holiday last week, so I am making up for the lost time. Another reason: Last week was a landmark in the running back position. Between injuries, comebacks, breakthroughs, continuous hot, cold continuous, and depth chart adjustments, there are some interesting things to say for (almost) every team.

Even so, for the sake of future generations, I still want to leave my usual italics here. You know, the one I mentioned-bold-not every backcourt is mentioned every week 🙂

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As always, this week's roundup will break down all fantasy-related events in the NFL backcourt. If you don’t see the backcourt listed here, it just means that the backcourt hasn’t changed significantly since I wrote it in the previous review. I am always happy to talk about any backcourt situation or any other fantasy-related things on Twitter @andrew_seifter. You can also visit and subscribe to the remaining season ranking podcast to learn about my views on the abstention telegram, weekly ranking and remaining season player value.

James Connor of the Arizona Cardinals continues to get RB1 workload and will provide RB1 production before the Cardinals’ goodbye in Week 12, and should remain a marginal choice for the top 12 from now on-at least when Chase Edmonds returns Before. Edmunds (ankle) must stay in the injured reserve for at least another week. During this period, Eno Benjamin will continue to handcuff Conner, but considering the possibility that Edmonds will return within a week or two, he is not a required list of players.

Cordarrelle Patterson of the Atlanta Falcons missed only one game in week 10 with a sprained ankle. He returned in the 12th week against Jacksonville. Although his share of steals declined, his performance did not. Patterson set new season highs in dribbling (16), rushing yards (108) and rushing touchdowns (2). So it can be said with certainty that he has returned to the RB1 field.

Mike Davis, Qadree Ollison, and Wayne Gallman have all seen Patterson fall behind in different ways, but none of them deserve to be ranked in the top of the fantasy league. If Patterson is injured again, they are likely to form a very tedious committee.

The Baltimore Ravens have had two games since Ratavius ​​Murray returned to the game, and Devonta Freeman has maintained the Ravens lead. The pre-season injuries of JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards exhausted all the fantasy juice in this backcourt, but Freeman is at least a stable RB3 in the future. Murray is his main handcuffs, but a long list of backup running backs will be rated as a better hiding place.

Buffalo Bills Bills decided in the 11th week that they were tired of Zack Moss and began to give his photos to Matt Breida. By the 12th week, Moss had returned to health, which made him a significant decline in fantasy leagues of all forms and sizes. Before last Sunday's game, Breida was the subject of some media hype, but he eventually fell behind Devin Singletary in a game that the Bills won easily. The bill mainly regards Singletary as the concept of "backhaul" and that's it. When we see how this backcourt continues to develop, it is possible to hide Breida, but if I am forced to play a Bills in my fantasy, then the best choice at the moment must be Singletary.

The story of the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey and the Panthers is still the same, and none of his fantasy managers want to hear such a story. CMC sprained his ankle in the fourth game of his long absence, and although the team said he could return to the game-he did, once-but he was eventually shut down. The preliminary report after the game also proved to be too optimistic, as the unfortunate MRI results on Monday caused McCaffrey to return to the injured reserve team and end his season.

McCaffrey's recent injury should reopen the door for rookie Chu Ba Hubbard and become the main guard of Carolina. Nevertheless, when McCaffrey was out earlier this season, he is unlikely to see the amount of work he has done. That's because the Panthers acquired Amir Abdullah in the middle of the season and have consistently included him in the offense ever since. Hubbard is still the best person to lead the team, but Abdullah may come up with bigger fantasy numbers in a game where the Panthers are forced to play from behind and speed up. Therefore, Hubbard has the potential to attract RB2 in the game with Atlanta after the Panthers goodbye, but in the next two weeks, Abdullah may eventually become a better choice against Buffalo and Tampa.

David Montgomery of the Chicago Bears has dominated the game in all three games since returning from injury, while Khalil Herbert played only a small substitute role. This has not yet translated into Montgomery's large-scale fantasy works, he may not be in the next two weeks against Arizona and Green Bay's tough defense. However, for the fantasy playoffs, this may be a different story. The Bears will face the Vikings, Seahawks and Giants in Week 15-17, and all teams will face running back games. Montgomery still has time to become the league champion like last year, and this favorable schedule is also a good reason for Herbert to hide.

Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals is now crying wildly. He has had multiple touchdowns in four consecutive games and sprinted for at least 123 yards in back-to-back games. Now, he is only behind Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler in Fantasy Points in 0.5 PPR format. If you want to pick something wrong, it's because he hasn't done anything in the past few weeks of passing games, but it's only because he dribbled the ball 28-30 times, because the Bengals are obviously running very hard. Earlier this year, he had a few wonderful receiving games, and Samaje Perine and Chris Evans continued to broadcast here and there, but Mixon seems to be the real main force.

Cleveland Browns The Browns defeated Nick Chubb and Karim Hunter 1-2 for the first time since Week 5, but the results against Baltimore were disappointing. The two guards combined have only 15 offenses, because Kevin Stefansky chose to let a crashed Baker Mayfield lift off 37 times. Shockingly, it didn't work.

The Ravens are one of the best running defenses in the league. They often stack the penalty area against the Browns' offense, and the Browns lack big organizers in passing games. As we progress, this may continue to be a problem for Cleveland, but this team still needs to get back to the way it works — starting with the rematch with Baltimore after the 13th week of goodbye. If you have Chubb or Hunt on your list, it's too early to panic.

Reports from the Dallas Cowboys on the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott were seen everywhere last week. Before last week's game, Zeke admitted that he had been suffering from a sore knee, which could help explain why he has not broken 51 yards in any game since the Cowboys' goodbye in Week 7. After his recent mediocre performance on Thanksgiving Day, there were reports that the team could "change" Elliott's total touches and even let him sit for a few games so he had "time to recover." However, Elliott practiced adequately on Monday, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team hopes he can handle a "serious burden" against the Saints on Thursday night.

At the moment, we can expect Zeke to continue to play about two-thirds of the fast break, while handling 10-15 passes and staying active in passing games. Even if rush production is reduced, this is enough to produce a mid-range RB2 value. At the same time, Tony Pollard is still one of the top handcuffs in fantasy football and a reasonable RB3/flex option, especially in favorable matchups. If Zeke's injury eventually catches up with him, Pollard can quickly enter the RB1 field.

If you look closely at the Denver Broncos, you will notice that Denver's rapid share is shifting to rookie Javent Williams. Melvin Gordon is almost certainly his last year with the Broncos. He is still playing a lot of fast breaks, but after the opposite happened earlier this season, it now looks like Williams' record is roughly 58. -42.

The split on Williams' touch is not so decisive, but it may be broken at the end of the season. Unless Gordon is injured, he is still unlikely to get more than the low-end RB2 volume, but this is enough for fantasy. Williams has proven that he can do a lot with a little bit, and his goalkeeper/dynasty arrow points upwards.

Detroit Lions DeAndre Swift’s pursuit of the RB1 season was temporarily derailed on Thanksgiving, when he sprained his shoulder and was forced to withdraw from the game after only 9 yards from the melee. In Monday's speech, Dan Campbell did not sound like a coach hoping to get his star back in time for this week's game. This will be left to the guard duties of Jamaal Williams, who dominated the backcourt snapshot after Swift left. This offense requires special talents like Swift to generate the value of RB1. Nonetheless, Williams should be at least a capacity-based RB2, no matter how long Swift is absent, Jamal Jefferson and Godwin Igwebke will pick up any snapshots that Williams did not take.

Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers only missed one game in week 10 due to a "mild" MCL sprain. The Packers are willing to let him see you again in week 13, which is good for his health. Omen. corner. He should be at or close to 100% after goodbye, but this does not mean that he will definitely re-inherit a lot of work before the injury.

Even before Jones stepped down, the role of AJ Dillon began to grow. Although Dillon did not fully ignite the world when Jones was away, his skill set provided a logical complement to Jones' abilities. Although this backcourt started this year in favor of Jones with a score of approximately 70-30, we should expect it to end with a score close to 50-50 unless there are more injuries. The more valuable fantasy guard is likely to be the one who gets more passes and goal line work. That was Jones for most of the year, but that was before Dillon scored two sprint TDs in Week 10 and then caught 11 passes between Week 11 and Week 12.

The backcourt of the Houston Texans will never be a fantastic gold mine, but at least it has become less cluttered. After leaving Mark Ingram before the trade deadline, Houston also parted ways with Philip Lindsay last week. So what is left is the two backcourts of David Johnson and Rex Burkhead. DJ seems to have been hit in the game last week, which may bring more work to Burkhead, who has dribbled the ball 30 times (only 67 yards) in the first two weeks. It's hard to recommend Houston RB against the fairly strong Colts D this week, but if Johnson misses the game, Burkhead deserves at least some low-end RB2 consideration.

Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Taylor clashed with the strong defensive line of the Buccaneers last week. Although his work is less than usual, he still managed to complete this week's RB as the previous 12th. That is his current floor. Against Houston this week, maybe we will see another ceiling game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ offense is disgusting now, but James Robinson keeps going and provides mid-to-high-end RB2 value. On a better team, he would be an RB1, but Urban Meyer insisted that Carlos Hyde be on the court more than 30% of the time each week.

In the first game of the Kansas City Chiefs back from IR, the Chiefs immediately returned to Clyde Edwards-Heller as their main striker, which should continue to appear in the team's 12th week bye . However, Darrell Williams has played more than CEH, and in the case of obvious passing, Williams is likely to still be Kansas City's first choice. As long as both are healthy, Edwards-Helaire may become a mid-range RB2, while Williams is a sturdy handcuff with a little RB3/flex appeal.

The Las Vegas Raiders have looked for a while as the Raiders are more inclined to establish an equal committee between Josh Jacobs and Kenyan Drake, but in recent weeks, the backcourt has turned firmly. Jacobs. Jacobs played about two-thirds of his fast break, just like before Jon Gruden was fired, he is playing an increasingly important role in the passing game, serving his fantasy line every week. Increase 20-30 yards. Thanks to the Raiders' obvious lead, top receiving guard and main line guard, Jacobs' RB2 qualification is rock solid at this point. Any RB3/flex appeal that Drake might have has dried up, but he is still worthy of the lottery collection.

The Los Angeles Chargers are second only to Cordarrelle Patterson in yards in running backs and first place in TD in RB. Austin Ekeler is a fantasy cheating code. In the 0.5 PPR format RB, he is only behind Jonathan Taylor in fantasy points, showing unusually high floors and ceilings.

If you want to handcuff Ekeler in the fantasy playoffs, please don't bother. Larry Langtry, Joshua Kelly and Justin Jackson have sometimes played Eckler's caddy roles this season, and Darius Bradwell also auditioned in week 12. If Ekeler were to fall, none of these people would take more than 70% of the snapshots, let alone provide anything close to Ekeler's production level.

The fantasy work of the Los Angeles Rams Darrell Henderson declined last month, but he still recovered a stable RB2 value. More worrying is the quadriceps strain he encountered in the game last week. The injury does not sound too serious, but Henderson is a player who often suffers from bumps and bruises. The Rams will monitor Henderson throughout the week, and the fantasy manager should also monitor it.

If Henderson misses any time, Sonny Michel will immediately intervene in almost every role of him. Rams coach Sean McVeigh relies heavily on his starters, as well as running backs and receivers and close ends. With the exception of Henderson and Michelle, Los Angeles has only 14 offensive fast breaks used for running backs — and not since Week 3.

Myles Gaskin of the Miami Dolphins (Myles Gaskin)'s consecutive fantasy performances finally ended in week 12. Due to two sprint scores, he released the second very good fantasy work in a row. However, his rushing efficiency is still poor (3.1 yards per goal), and he only hit 50% of fast breaks-the lowest level since Week 6.

It looks like Gaskin will now have to fend off rookie Philip Lindsay, as well as reserve player Sal von Ahmed and 3-pointer Patrice Clair. A week after Ahmed was inactive and Lindsay was a Texan, this was a disturbing development for the Gaskin manager. The Dolphins are only ahead of the aforementioned Texans in this season's sprint, so if the fast break in the backcourt continues to be divided into three or even four lanes, it will be difficult to squeeze fantasy value from Gaskin. This is especially true if Miami is not going to play to Gaskin's power as a pass receiver. They haven't done much except for his 10 catch explosions against Tampa in Week 5.

Darwin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings tore his labrum and dislocated his shoulder in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers. The injury will cost him at least two games-if not more. if. Alexander Mattison was already worthy of joining the team before Cook stepped down, and now he is an absolute must to join, you can spend all the remaining FAAB or the first player to give up priority. When Cook missed time earlier this season, he posted two 100-yard rushing games and is likely to be the top 5 fantasy RB in a wonderful matchup against Detroit this week.

Since the beginning of the year for the New England Patriots, I have been worried about whether the Patriots will regain the lead and insist on using him. Although Damien Harris looked like that person for a while, the situation has returned to its natural state: unpredictable chaos.

With rookie Lamond Stevenson showing up during Harris' absence and veteran Brandon Bolden providing stable pass protection, we now have a mature three-man committee. In Week 12, all three guards scored between 32% and 37%, which may be the status quo from now on. The Patriots have had a strong performance this year, which means that if Harris or Stevenson are absent, Harris or Stevenson will be a powerful fantasy choice. However, for now, they are difficult to trust except for the border RB2/3.

The New Orleans Saints quickly slipped through their season, and the Saints are a constantly changing team. In the absence of Alvin Camara and Mark Ingram, they never had a chance against the Bills on Thanksgiving Day, but both guards tend to return in Thursday's game against Dallas. Ingram is expected to return, while Kamara's status is uncertain. If active, he may take limited snapshots, which will significantly increase Ingram's elastic appeal.

The Saints also seem to eventually turn to quarterback Tesom Hill. Hill's rushing ability should help to open up a rushing channel for the team's running back, but it may also affect Kamara's ability to catch the ball to a certain extent. If Hill can continue to attack, it will still be a positive factor for Kamala.

Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants only completed a 53-yard melee in Week 12, but he returned to the Suzuka he had to use at the beginning of the year, taking a snapshot of more than 80% for the first time since Week 4. Whether he can provide big fantasy statistics is another question. An easily injured guard averages only 3.6 yards per offense in a dismal offense. Barkley is still generally overrated in the fantasy world. He is best viewed as a high-end RB2 rather than RB1. His substitute Devonty Booker performed surprisingly well in Barkley's absence, and considering Barkley's injury history, he should remain on the list.

The New York Jets rookie led guard Michael Carter into the injury reserve team with a high ankle sprain. The fantasy manager’s question is whether the Jets’ three-person committee will become composed of Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson. A two-person committee, or La'Mical Perine, will join it. It turns out that the actual answer is neither. Instead, little-known second-year guard Austin Walter entered the committee and quickly touched down in the process. surprise!

Chasing Walter in the Dream League is not worth it, but his appearance does pour cold water on the idea that Coleman or Johnson can be a reliable RB2 when Carter is absent. Coleman did have 18 touches against the Texans last week, but he only played 45% of fast breaks. He is the best bet so far, but it is still hard to believe that the unstable Zach Wilson returns to the center position.

The Philadelphia Eagles continued their way of running last week, even losing the game against the upset Giants. Miles Sanders and Boston Scott formed a two-person committee in the first half, but after Sanders sprained his ankle early in the third quarter, Scott became the main guard. Both guards ran very well, but Scott was able to cash in in a short sprint.

Eagles head coach Nick Ciliani expressed optimism on Monday that BT Sanders and Jordan Howard may return to the game this week, which raises the question of which guard will be out. Philadelphia's current ball control ability is good enough to support two viable fantasy guards, but not three. We haven’t seen Sanders, Howard, and Scott all active and able to complete the entire game unscathed, so unless we get some intelligence from Sirianni this week, this backcourt pecking order will It is a guessing game that enters the 14th week.

The Pittsburgh Steelers So far, Nagy Harris' rookie season has been as smooth as expected. He has been struggling to find a running line behind Pittsburgh's substandard offensive line, averaging only 3.6 yards per pass, but he is an RB1 anyway, thanks to a lot of data, especially in passing games. However, in the past few weeks, his performance has indeed declined, which has raised concerns that he may hit the so-called "rookie wall".

An obvious problem is that the injury-ridden Steelers' defense has been burned, creating a negative game script and greatly reducing Harris' sprint workload. Of course, another concern is the decline in Ben Roethlisberger's performance, which reduces the overall offensive scoring advantage. In the final analysis, there is no reason to believe that Harris' situation has deteriorated significantly since the beginning of this year, so I expect him to get back on track soon.

San Francisco 49ers Elijah Mitchell eventually missed the 49ers week 11 game with a broken finger, but Jeff Wilson did not do much for him. In Week 12, Mitchell focused on regaining his starting position, completing a 168-yard melee and a touchdown with 32 possessions.

Mitchell had fewer backcourt partners than wide receiver Debo Samuel in that game. The latter has performed well in running competitions in each of the past three games, but is now expected to be pulled by the groin. The injury was absent for a week or two. This should ensure that San Francisco continues to rely heavily on Mitchell, who will tend to RB1 status for some time.

The Seattle Seahawks' entire offense is now a mess, and their running games have been longer. In the first month, the team got some good works from Chris Carson, but since Carson was absent, it has been a very difficult process.

Alex Collins, who served as the de facto substitute for Carson, only sprinted through 50 yards once throughout the year and has not scored a touchdown since Week 6. Since Russell Wilson returned in Week 10, passing guards, Travis Homer and DJ Dallas each had a game. They defeated Collins, but none of them did anything for fantasy purposes. Either. The entire backcourt started to look like a cause of failure, at least until Wilson could reverse the offense.

For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Leonard placed the "Quad" in Furnet and flew over the goal line three times by land and by air. He even left touchdowns for Ronald Jones. All in all, this is an awesome performance against a solid Colts defensive line.

After the wonderful matchup with Atlanta this week, Fournette will usher in some more difficult matchups: Buffalo, New Orleans and Carolina, all of which are ranked in the top 12. However, this may not matter, because this Pirates offense is a master, and when the team has to worry about Tom Brady and his teammates, they cannot afford to stop running. Fournett is currently ranked 10th among running backs. The game, and his performance is enough to be considered a matchup proof. Jones should be hidden as a high handcuff, but his role is too unstable to be counted on as an RB3/flex option.

The Tennessee Titans The Titans managed to have two 100-yard rushers on Sunday-the first team to do this since 2008-but they still lost to the Patriotic by 23 points. The team. Two defenders, D'Onta Foreman and Dontrell Hilliard separated the ball from the center, and Jeremy McNichols was out due to a concussion. In the receiving game with the New England team, the two guards did not play a big role, but Hilliard did catch 8 balls in 47 yard catches last week.

See you this week in Tennessee, and then McNichols should be back. Anyone is guessing how Mike Vrabel will distribute touches by then, but I expect McNichols will have to regain pecking order after what Foreman and Hilliard did last week. Consider Foreman's slightly better passing, including goal line work, and Hilliard should have more passing potential. If they continue to distribute touches equally, both may belong to the high-end RB3 combination.

The Washington football team had a 19-95 record against Carolina in Week 10 and a 29-111 record against the Seahawks on Monday night. Antonio Gibson is ending his two best sprints of the season. Coupled with his extensive work in the past three games, there are encouraging signs that he has finally gotten rid of the tibia injury that has plagued him for most of the year.

JD McKissic has always played a role in the offense-he played about 40% of the fast break and sniped two touchdowns on Monday-but it is clear that Gibson is on the rise and we have entered a critical moment of fantasy. Of course, if McKissic missed time after the heavy blow against Seattle, Gibson's role may be further expanded. Nonetheless, the initial signs of his agent indicate that he has avoided serious injuries.

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